Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Install Java

    1. Install IntelliJ

    2. Create Kotlin Spring Boot Project

    3. Connect Database to Spring Boot

    4. Add Kotlin JPA Entities to Spring Boot

    5. Add Kotlin Controller to Spring Boot

    6. Add Get Request Methods to Spring Boot

    7. Add Update Request Methods to Spring Boot

    8. Add Delete Request Methods to Spring Boot

    1. Install Angular and Create Angular Project

    2. Install Ant Design Angular

    3. Add Ant Design Modules

    4. Create Angular Todolist Service

    5. Create Angular Post Service

    6. Create Angular Get and Delete Service

    7. Build Form Methods

    8. Build HTML Form with Angular

    9. Build TodoList Component

    10. Build Items for TodoList

    11. Toggle and Delete Todos

    12. Create Todos and Notifications

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